6 Great Tips to Help You Build Your Instagram Following

Check out these 6 tips for small businesses to help build your following on Instagram.


1.      Upgrade to a Business Profile

So there’s a lot of talk about whether upgrading to a business profile can damage your ability to gain new followers on Instagram as many feel it hampers your efforts. But there are other great features in a business account that shouldn’t be overlooked for a small business. The main feature is the analytics, which will allow you to see what posts and stories are performing well. It also allows you to see what time of the day is better for posting. You can switch between business and personal at any time so it’s worth upgrading to business for a period to avail of the analytics and then you can downgrade again and see if it affects your followers.

To upgrade to a business profile:

=>  Go to your profile page – select switch to business profile and select the Facebook page you’d like your account to link with Instagram

=>  Review your contact information and you are done


2.       Don’t be afraid to use Instagram stories.

Here’s a link that will help you get started Instagram stories. Follow others in your field to get ideas on content and test what works and what doesn’t work. They are a great branding tool and even better, your followers love to watch stories.

3.       Set a weekly schedule

Get organised and make posting a routine. Consistency is key to gaining more of a following on Instagram

4.      Use Instagram Stories

Stories only last for 24 hours before they disappear but now you can add them as a highlight to your profile. They will stay on your profile until you decide to remove them even after your story has disappeared.

5.       Work on your Bio

Keep your bio up to date, fresh and interesting. Your bio should evolve as you grow and add links to your latest products, services, blog posts or whatever else you are up to recently.

6.       Value your images

Don’t upload bad images. Take the time to make your images look good, take multiple shots and pick the best and use filters to enhance light and colour. Remember Instagram is an image based app so nobody wants to look at poor images.

Happy Gramming!