8 Reasons why you should work on your business blog

Many small businesses struggle with time due to the many hats they must wear. In these instances, it can be hard to understand the value of maintaining a small business blog. So here are a few reasons why you should invest some effort in that all important business blog.

1.      Content is king – Google’s algorithms now reward good quality content above all else so although link building is important good content goes a long way to increase your organic rankings.

2.      Understanding why interests your audience – posting about many different topics within your sector will allow you to figure out what is important to your customers. Your analytics or Google analytics will show you what content is driving the most traffic. It also helps you to engage more with your following.

3.      Communicating with customers – you can use content to let your customers know of anything new or exciting happening with your business

4.      You can offer promotions, sales or coupons to existing or potential customers

5.      Showcase your personality – writing content helps potential customers see the person behind the website

6.      Become a valuable resource for people within your sector – write content that interests people and they’ll come back again and again to hear what you must say.

7.      Build a network – get to know other people within your industry through online networking. Read other business blogs, respond to comments and posts and get to know who is engaging with your content

8.      Builds credibility – a business blog gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge within your industry. This goes a long way to building trust with potential customers

The most important thing is to be consistent – set up a calendar reminder and become a regular poster.

Happy Blogging!