How to use Social Media as a business tool

Regularly I work with clients who have the impression that Facebook and Twitter are the be all and end all of selling. Time and time again I hear people question "but why is it not working.. I've been running an ad campaign for 3 weeks and I haven't sold anything". And time and time again I have to say ..."if it was that easy don't you think we'd all have made our millions years ago and retired..... particularly marketers...."

Social Media is not the holy grail of selling for your business. Yes you'll hear the stories that such and such is doing really well on Facebook.....but you'd need to really understand their model, their community of followers, their content marketing strategy and their product range to understand what factors are working well. Social media isn't suited to all businesses, each unique business has it's own market and in certain situations social media is the tool to help access that market.

At the end of the day social media is a tool to communicate not a marketplace, it's a way of getting your message or your brand in front of your target audience and by target audience I mean people that suit the characteristics of your potential customers as opposed to them being actual customers yet. People don't necessarily go to social media looking to make a purchase but they may come across a brand, product or message that they engage with and which in turn may influence their next purchasing decision.

Social media should be used together with other tools to reach the target audience for example search marketing, display advertising or influencer marketing and all should direct to a website designed to convert customers as part of a full marketing strategy plan.

So the trick is to really think about what you publish through social media and how you think about your content marketing strategy.

Here is a great infographic on why great content is important for online marketing