Have you created your buyer personas?


What are buyer personas, why should you create them for your business and do you really need them?

Buyer personas sometimes called customer profiles are the best method of targeting your marketing and content efforts in a manner that will resonate with your audience. They help to keep your content relevant and YES you do need them.

Another way to look at buyer personas are as the attributes of a core group of customers that are more likely to buy your product or service. This group can be defined by using four separate sets of attributes. Within the general audience of your product or service customers will lean towards at least one of these sets of attributes which helps you to group your customer audience into four customer demographic groups assigning activities, interests, likes and dislikes to each group. By dividing up your audience through this profiling when you target your audience you are targeting them more specifically and as a result have a better chance of meeting their individual needs.

Overall it's a much more strategic approach than days of old where the ethos was to throw enough noise out there and hopefully some of it might stick.

Not only does using buyer personas make your marketing more effective it also gives you a better return on investment as the potential to convert your customers is much higher.

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