Tips for adding Video to your Content Strategy

Video is becoming more important than ever before and gaining a huge amount of traction as a visual language of it's own. It's known to increase user attention span, increase engagement, retention and share

Here are some quick tips for including video in your content campaigns:

1.      Know your audience – understand who you are talking to with your content and what is relevant to that audience. Target your video accordingly

2.      Research your competition – see what other people are doing and ask yourself can you do it better and how you can be different to your competition

3.      What is working for the competition – it is pretty much impossible these days to come up with completely new, never written before content so see what other people have already written and whether it has actually worked

4.      Come up with a good topic

5.      Research, Research, Research….

6.      Write a script

7.      Film it, revise it and improve it

8.      Promote, Promote, Promote

9.      Measure and improve

Lights, Camera , Action!