Increasing your Engagement on Instagram

Recently Instagram launched a new algorithm similar to Facebook’s that means if users aren't regularly interacting with your posts then they won't appear in their news streams. So if you use Instagram for your business maintaining engagement should be top priority for you

Here are some tips to help build engagement 

1.       Post content regularly - it might seem obvious but it works. There is no set amount of posts that work - each business is different so test it out by increasing to see if your engagement increases and stop when it plateaus

2.      Use a good image - people become exhausted by images on social media so use something that stands out and catches the eye

3.      Engage with other users, comment like and follow

4.      Encourage users to tag their friends

5.      Respond to any comments on your posts in a timely manner

6.      Create contests and incentives

7.      Test to find the best times to post

8.      Measure your engagement over time, carry out tests and build on what works.

Happy Instagramming!